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Aftermarket Truck Parts

Aftermarket truck parts can improve your truck’s appearance, performance, and durability. They can include various components, including roll bars, brush guards, nerf bars, auxiliary lighting, fender flares, and lift or lower kits. Cost is an important factor when evaluating parts for your truck. It is important not to underprice your parts and to charge a fair price for the quality and warranty that you are receiving.

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As the trucking industry continues to be impacted by supply chain shortages, fleets are seeing a spike in replacement parts sales. Laura Bloch, general manager for Paccar Parts, notes that the $30 billion U.S. and Canadian retail sales opportunity for Class 6-8 truck parts is a strong market.

However, she notes that fleets should be mindful of the cost when selecting replacement parts. After all, if they pick the wrong part and it fails, it can result in additional costs.

Furthermore, fleets are spending a lot more on maintenance and repairs as the trucks age. According to the Decisiv/TMC North American Service Event Benchmark Report, labor costs increased 5.4%, while parts cost jumped 2.7%.

The good news is that fleets can save money on replacement parts by choosing aftermarket alternatives. Aftermarket truck parts are typically much less expensive than OEM parts, and they’re also usually of a better quality. They’re also easier to install and last longer.


Heavy-duty trucks require high-quality parts that last a long time. For this reason, you should only use truck parts from a trusted provider to ensure the best performance.

One way to determine the quality of a part is to compare it to other truck parts. This will help you decide whether an OEM replacement is worth it or if you should try an aftermarket option instead.

Another important factor to consider is the brand of the part. Some manufacturers offer top-quality products while others are less reliable.

You can also check if the seller offers warranty services. This will give you peace of mind when purchasing a product online.

In addition to these factors, you should consider the cost of a particular part and how it compares to other options. Keeping these tips in mind will help you find the right parts for your truck and keep it running smoothly for years to come.


A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers the parts and labour for a certain number of miles or years. However, some suppliers offer longer plans.

The length of warranty offered for truck parts depends on a number of factors, including the supplier’s sales and marketing teams and engineering and development groups. Those determine the useful life of the product and how long it will last before it needs to be replaced, says Tom Hujik, director of North American Aftermarket Sales for Horton.

When determining the length of warranty on truck parts, Hujik notes that suppliers often compare similar products from other manufacturers and OEM warranties. They also consider coverage of different costs such as labor, parts, shipping, service responsiveness, parts availability, location of service centers, technical assistance and ease of warranty processes.

Parts that are installed improperly or that have been abused will void the warranty. Additionally, truck parts that are subjected to abuse can deteriorate over time due to excessive temperature changes and exposure to water or other contaminants.


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