Mosquito Control

Choosing a Mosquito Control Service

There are several reasons to hire a professional mosquito control. Mosquitoes can make your backyard a miserable place to be, but they can also carry serious diseases. Mosquitoes in some regions carry the West Nile Virus and Chikungunya virus and can also spread Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Getting rid of them can reduce the risk of contracting any of these illnesses while still allowing you to enjoy your backyard. 

Mosquito Control

Prices for mosquito control services vary greatly based on the size of your property, the number of resting mosquitoes, and the amount of yard area. Costs will also depend on the type of service you choose and how many treatments you want. Most companies charge a flat fee, ranging from $40 to $70 per treatment, for a total cost of approximately $1,900 per year. Many pros perform a three-week cycle and charge a flat fee of $70 to $100 per visit. Homeowners can purchase regular treatments for a discount.

When hiring a mosquito-control service, choose a company that offers a comprehensive service. They’ll recommend which types of services to use and how often they should be performed by working with you. Most companies offer various kinds of pest control services, including mosquito control. Typically, these companies provide bundled service plans, including rodent control, bird control, and lizard control services. The price of these bundled services can save you thousands of dollars and many hours.

Another important consideration when choosing a mosquito control service is the technician’s experience will apply the products. While you may want to save a few dollars by hiring an inexperienced technician, it’s possible to end up with a problem with pesticides in your yard. Some company only employs technicians with three years of experience. They know the life cycle of mosquitoes, where they breed, and where they congregate. A trained technician is more likely to spot and treat mosquito problems quickly and effectively, which will prevent further headaches.

The safety of these pesticides depends on what type of insecticide is used. Certain types of plant-based oils are safer than others. Companies that use alternative sprays generally apply them when mosquitoes are active. They shouldn’t harm any birds or beneficial insects. And they should spray areas where mosquitoes spend the day. These types of sprays are generally applied before 10 AM. For best results, use the products in the early morning hours.

A professional mosquito control service uses EPA-approved products to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard. These products kill mosquito larvae and prevent them from breeding. A single mosquito can lay anywhere from 100 to 200 eggs. Every mosquito you annihilate in your yard affects the entire neighborhood. A professional understands the different breeding areas and strategies to combat them. This helps to ensure that your yard stays pest-free for longer. The price you pay will depend on what services you need.

There are some DIY solutions that you can use to reduce mosquito populations. Some mosquito-control services may recommend preventative measures and landscape evaluation. Getting a professional service will help you minimize the mosquito breeding areas in your yard. Taking steps to reduce standing water and tall grass will also help. A mosquito-control service will also provide you with tips and tricks on addressing particular problems. Once you have identified the problem areas, a professional mosquito control service will apply the appropriate treatment.

Pesticides must be registered with the DEC or exempted from registration. In addition, pesticides must be applied according to label instructions. This database lets you search for the pesticide you’re interested in. You can check its registration status and download labels. A select number of pesticides for mosquito control is listed in NYSPAD. But remember that it’s essential to keep in mind that the registration status of pesticides may change.

A professional mosquito control service will also spray the yard. The spray is applied by technicians who check for standing water and look for other areas where mosquitoes may breed. Standing water can include sandboxes, plant saucers, tarps, and other places where mosquitoes may breed. Once they find any breeding areas, the technicians will spray the yard with an organic barrier spray, which kills mosquitoes instantly and remains repellent for up to 21 days. The yard is ready for use 30 minutes after the service.