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Remodeling businesses are in a constant state of flux and are always learning new things. This means that there are always remodeling experts out there that have come out of their shells and can offer you great advice. Don’t hesitate to ask remodelers questions about how their remodeling services are.

It is a tragedy to see that too few modelers actually know how margin and markup work. In fact, experience suggests that only about 15 percent of all remodeling business owners really understand this very important aspect of properly pricing a remodeling project before it’s offered to the public.

WAG Method

So, about 80 percent are still using what is called the WAG method of price pricing their projects: an educated guess. These remodeling “experts” use their knowledge of the market to figure out how much it would cost to remodel a particular piece of property.

Why do remodeling companies still rely on these methods? It is actually because they don’t understand how they work. They can’t explain it in a clear and simple manner to a layperson, and they have no way of actually testing it themselves. For most companies, this is too expensive.

How Does It Work

The truth is that in the construction industry, the margin is built into the cost of the job. There are no hidden costs here. The remodeling company simply pays a fixed price for the remodel.

If the contractor is satisfied with the finished product and is happy with the remodel, he will charge you accordingly. This is just the way the remodeling industry works. The reason that modelers need to learn about margins is that they are usually quite high and are therefore not transparent to the average home buyer.


Remodeling costs can go way up if the contractor doesn’t know how to set the proper prices for his work. He might charge too low or too high and not even know it. When remodeling companies work this way, they will actually be setting their own prices and not knowing it.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your remodeling company is to educate yourself on the proper pricing process and price-setting processes. This will help you avoid mistakes in your next remodeling job.

The way to price your remodeling project is like this: First, you must decide what kind of job you want. Second, you need to know the current market price for the work you are doing. Third, figure out what price range you’re looking to hit for that market price.


Next, you’ll want to do some research on the contractor’s reputation for work, and make sure he is experienced in this field of work. You should also know if there are any complaints about his work. And if you’ve never hired him before, he should be able to tell you exactly how much experience he has in this type of remodeling.

Now that you know the basics of pricing, you can begin the process of choosing a remodeling company. You should do your due diligence in researching the background and references of each company.


Another important thing to consider when deciding which remodeling company is right for your remodeling needs is the amount of experience that you want. In other words, you may decide that you are going to have a professional contractor to come in and do the work, but you also want to have a do-it-yourselfer do the remodeling work. The best way to figure out this is to find out what each of them does. Try to get an estimate of the total cost to hire them both and see if that’s what you can afford to pay.

If the estimate that the contractor gives you is too high, then you should consider getting a different one. Or better yet, find a remodeling company that won’t quote you more than you can afford. Then, talk to the contractor.